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Lucent Technologies, Inc., was an American multinational telecommunications equipment company headquartered in Murray Hill, New Jersey, in the United States. It was established on September 30, 1996, through the divestiture of the former AT&T Technologies business unit of AT&T Corporation, which included Western Electric and Bell Labs. Lucent was merged with Alcatel SA of France on December 1, 2006, forming Alcatel-Lucent. Alcatel-Lucent was absorbed by Nokia in January 2016.

An anonymous former Lucent employee heads a review on the "Glassdoor" website as "Acquired by Nokia- heading downhill" on July 17, 2018:

"Rolling layoffs, arrogant senior management, deteriorating customer relationships. Focused on form but no substance."


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Former Employee - Cook says

"don't have everything they need for residents are for the meals"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management was purely focused on numbers to the detriment of customers and employees"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"short breaks management no advancement"

Senior Director says

"too many managers, not clear direction or strategy"

Former Employee - Software Development Engineer says

"very slow and bureaucratic"

Former Employee - Senior Director says

"after Alcatel Bought Lucent company lost its identity -now that Nokia has bought Alcatel-Lucent, I expect all traces of the once-great company are gone. NO rewards for loyalty or long years of distinguished work. I would not go there until after the Nokia buy-out is done -then your working for Nokia -ALU is finished, as is Lucent, and Bell Labs."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too many older people, no new college hires. Shipping a lot of jobs overseas. Only US work is in providing product support."

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff says

"Legacy culture, Eutocentric work culture that can stifle risk taking, inept middle managemeny"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Don't care about it' employees, Horrible upper management"

Former Employee - Member of Technical Staff says

"Not a lot of teamwork among management"

Claims Analyst (Former Employee) says

"In my time at this company I was never properly trained in system procedures or company processes. My manager was aware, but never did anything to correct the problem. The claim system used is not at all user friendly. Manager is not available nor are they helpful once you pin them down. The position has too many additional roles attached to it . DON’T TAKE A JOB WITH THESE PEOPLE!"

Healthcare nurse (Current Employee) says

"Working for Lucent Home Health is rewarding in that I am able to provide assistance to those who need and appreciate it. With this job I have reconfirmed in myself that I have a heart of gold and have the ability to adjust to any environment. My coworkers are my clients. It is always imperative that I remember that I am in someone else's space and maintain respectability. The hardest part of the job is that I am not family to my clients and therefore have a limit as to what authority I have in their care. The best part of this job is the smile on my clients face at the end of the day and the smile on their face upon my arrival in the mornings.providing assistanceproviding assistance"

Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"Over seen Daily Business operation, payroll, HR, follow-up with all pending order, call physician to follow up with referrals send over. Transmission to state, answer all concern of field staff and Patients"

Maria Salinas says

"It arrived broken. I put it on and it did not turn on. I shook it and it sounded something inside loose."

Richard Mattila says

"They had only 1Size bulb for the clean wave sanitizing wand. I forgot they sold 2 size wands of course they only had the long one and I thought it was the short one. The wand I had was never taken out of the box So last week I took it out and tried it it would not work.on line people have the same problem"

Nicholas says

"Can't get this light to turn on automatically with a smart outlet"

Rebecca Laine says

"I received excellent service on my first order, despite having mistakenly ordered stands which I did not need to support my happy lights. Verilux allowed me to return the stands and reminded me that this was part of their 30-day return satisfaction guarantee. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the lights daily."